The answer iS simplE

People are demanding Value, Quality, Technology & Security available when and where they need it. We hear you! 

Burnerphone is a cellphone that you don’t have to take a loan out to pay for or sign a major commitment to get a discount.  


We design and build devices with complimenting services for you, the people.

Passionate, loyal, purest, focus-driven, authentic, experienced, devoted, relentless, entrepreneurs and legends.  

We are universally known as Burnerphone.


Our Mission

To be the choice of the people. Build the products that gives you the Experience you are looking for, security and confidence you deserve in your mobile phone. Design the communication tools that our unlocked, no contract, pay as you go world demands with everyone can respect.

Stop playing. Use a Burnerphone. It’s the best option considering quality and price.
— Our Customers