Frequently Asked Questions (when using the Miami burner)

1.    How do I turn applications running in the background off?

From any application, press and hold the menu key. You will see a list of all recent applications. Press Remove All to end applications and free up memory, or open Task Manager to Uninstall applications.  

2.    How to quickly set up E-mail:

You can automatically setup Gmail and most POP3 or IMAP e-mail accounts. From the e-mail application, directly enter the e-mail address and password, if your settings aren’t automatically recognized for the mailbox, you will be required to provide POP incoming and outgoing server addresses and associated ports.

3.    Checking internal memory and external card capacity:

Select the Settings > Select Storage > select SD Card and Phone Memory, there you will see the current SD card capacity and phone memory information.

4.    How to conserve battery power:

Reduce the screen brightness or enable automatic brightness to reduce battery consumption. Go to Settings > Display > Brightness, and adjust brightness from there. It is recommended to use the Auto Brightness setting as the device will adjust brightness based on situational lighting.

If you do not use Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, these features can improve battery life. Go to Settings and simply switch off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth if not in use.

5.    Enabling security and lock screen:

In the Settings, select Security then select Screen Lock. There are several different ways to secure your device, so select the option that best suits your needs to prevent strangers from viewing your content or making unauthorized calls from your device.

6.    My PC doesn’t recognize my device, why not?

If your device doesn’t properly connect with your PC, please try to download and install Burnerphone B050L drivers from Please note we do not currently support Mac OS at this time.

7.    How do I switch Apps while browsing the Web?

If you need to open additional applications while browsing or using other other applications, you can long press the Home key to open your task manager, long press will return directly to the home screen.

8.    How do I copy and paste text?

From the input field, long press over the text you wish to copy. You will see a tool bar appear on the top of the screen. Select the copy boxes to copy. Long press in the text field which you wish to paste the text and select paste.

9.    How do I create a group contact list?

Enter Contacts > select Group, Create a group or edit, then add contacts to join them to the corresponding group.

10. SMS and MMS Mailbox is full, what’s wrong?

Due to Platform reasons, Contacts, SMS, and MMS storage space availability depends on the current amount of free mobile phone memory space. Delete old SMS and MMS messages, or uninstall unused applications to free space. Also consider moving data to a Micro SD Card.

11.  How do I delete applications that I downloaded?

Navigate to Settings select Apps, then navigate to the application you wish to uninstall. Select Uninstall. From this menu, you can also choose to move applications to SD card if you’ve installed a SD card previously. Note: Some applications require integration into the Android file system and cannot be moved. If the option to move to SD isn’t available if an SD card is installed, this is the most likely reason.

12. How to view mobile phone version information:

Navigate to Settings select About Phone. Mobile phone version information can be obtained, including the Android version, Linux version, software version, hardware version, etc.

13. How do I copy SIM card contact information?

From your Contacts application, click the menu button, select Import Contacts, then you can see the SIM card contacts, if you wish to only to import one, you can click each individual contact. If you wish to import all SIM contacts, long press the menu key, select Import. 

14.  My device won’t turn on:

If your device won’t turn on, it is possible that your battery is completely dead. Charge your device for at least 30 minutes and try to power on. When your battery is completely dead a minimum charge period is required before your device will power on.

15.  Can I tell how much data I’m using?

Yes, from Settings, select Data Usage. You can also view how much data certain applications are using, and set monthly limits from this menu.

16.  My Phone Cannot Connect to the Network or No SIM is displayed:

Check to make sure your SIM card is properly installed in your device. If your SIM is properly installed and you are in a good known coverage area. Contact your network service provider if you continue to experience the issue.

17.  I can’t download new files:

Check to ensure you have memory available to download new applications and files. If more space is needed, please install a Micro SD card.